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Materials provided by Foamty could be:
•  Waterproof
•  Airtight
•  Lightweight
•  Cushioning
•  Highly heat-resistant
•  Low smoke
•  Flame retardant
•  Electrically insulating

Practical applications: cabins, tubing and various interior usages of the aviation industry. The materials themselves are clean and almost odorless, and throughout production and processing stages they also conform to the following regulations:
•  Environment & toxic substances related regulations in Europe and America: FAR 25.853 (d), RoHS 2.0, REACH
•  Aviation industries related regulations: BMS 8-371D, ABS 5754A & B, AIMS04-14-09

Foamty uses epoch making materials that are eco-friendly, highly efficient and high value. The use of this specific type of material raises the value of aviation products as it boosts average fuel economy, ensures a comfortable flight and improves aviation safety.