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Children are our treasures, we all want to give them the best care and companionship. In order to let children enjoy a comfortable and safe growing environment, we provide various children's products that suit them. Our children's products include mats and rocking chairs, they are made of high-quality foam materials, soft, light, durable, and environmentally friendly.

Our mats are a kind of mat that can be laid on the ground, it can provide children with a warm, comfortable, and clean space, where they can play, learn, and rest. Our mats can prevent children from slipping during play, protecting their safety. Our mats have various colors to choose from, so you can choose according to the preferences of the children and the style of the room.

Our rocking chairs are a kind of chair that can swing, it can provide children with a soothing, pleasant, and fun experience, where they can relax, play, and sleep. Our rocking chairs have good elasticity and cushioning performance, which can reduce the impact and friction that children receive during swinging. Our rocking chairs also have a detachable feature, which can be easily disassembled and cleaned. Our rocking chairs have various colors, styles, and sizes to choose from, so you can choose according to the preferences and needs of the children.

Our children's products are made of non-toxic and odorless foam materials, which have been strictly tested and certified, meeting international safety standards, ensuring that children will not inhale or contact harmful substances during use. We care about the health and happiness of children, we hope that through our children's products, they can feel warm and happy. Come and buy your favorite children's products, and make mats and rocking chairs the best partners for children!
Product No.
Dimensions of a single piece:27.5*12.1*1.6cm
Content Description:
22-Piece Puzzle Loop-Shaped Mat
Rocking Chair
Product No.
Dimensions after assembled:51*34*40cm
Rocking Horse
Product No.
Dimensions after assembled:63*55*46cm