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  • Type:One / Two-stage foaming
  • Standard Form:Block, which can be coiled through processing
  • Thickness:65~110mm
    Customized Thickness:0.5mm~320mm
  • Density:20-300 kg/m3
  • Hardness:10-90 Shore C
  • Color:Customizable
  • Expansion Ratio:6-45
  • Temperature Resistance:-40℃~90℃
  • Standard Functions: Chemical resistant, Acid/Alkaline resistant, Thermal resistant, Impermeable ,Cushioning, insulation
  • Customizable Functions:Electrically Conductive , Anti-static , Shock resistant, Anti-bacterial, Flameproof
  • Certifications & Qualifications:RohS 2.0, REACH, FMVSS302, PAHs Free, Phthalates Free

The proportion of ethylene and vinyl acetate (EVA) can be adjusted depending on requested property of the final foam product.