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Materials provided by Foamty could be:
•  Waterproof
•  Airtight
•  Lightweight
•  Cushioning
•  Highly heat-resistant
•  Low smoke
•  Flame retardant
•  Electrically insulating

Practical applications: cabins, tubing and various interior usages of the aviation industry. The materials themselves are clean and almost odorless, and throughout production and processing stages they also conform to the following regulations:
•  Environment & toxic substances related regulations in Europe and America: FAR 25.853 (d), RoHS 2.0, REACH
•  Aviation industries related regulations: BMS 8-371D, ABS 5754A & B, AIMS04-14-09

Foamty uses epoch making materials that are eco-friendly, highly efficient and high value. The use of this specific type of material raises the value of aviation products as it boosts average fuel economy, ensures a comfortable flight and improves aviation safety.


Foamty provides a wide assortment of applied materials that could be shock resistant, airtight and lightweight.
Material properties: lightweight, heat resistant, flame retardant, elastic…
Applications: headlights, car batteries, dashboards, bumpers, headliners and various interior usages

Sports & Recreation

Foamty utilizes materials with diverse properties to keep up with the five leading trends of the sports and recreation industries:
•  Distinctiveness
•  Lightweight design
•  Coziness
•  Safety
•  Enhanced performance.

Water sports: diving suits, wetsuits, swimwear, fishing jackets,
Athletics: protective gears, sport bags, sneakers, cycling shoe covers, gloves, sportswear
Foamty adopts both rubber and plastic foaming techniques, along with other choices of customized parameters such as density and elasticity, providing versatile materials applications and convenient services to the clients.


Different packaging materials are required depending on the package content. Foamty is capable of processing materials to be acid / alkaline resistant, heat / cold resistant, weatherable, grease proof, fireproof, waterproof and able to adjust material breathability, density and indentation resistance accordingly.


Foamty utilizes foam materials that are lightweight, heat resistant, fire retardant, flexible, etc. Based on its individual properties, materials can be applied to various military fields such as:
•  Weapon, ammo and related instrument packaging
•  Shock absorbing, sealing, wire coating works and
   interior usages of

(1) Tanks, armored cars and military vehicles
(2) Naval vessels and facilities
(3) Military aircrafts and related equipment

•  Floating works of
(1) Naval vessels and facilities
(2) Military aircrafts and related equipment
•  Protective gears for military training and combat
Our materials are aligned with environmental and toxic substances related regulatory standards in Europe and America (RoHs & REACH) while being entitled to required certifications (NATO 5640-99-331-1797), which makes them the best choice for military related usage.


Foamty's foam materials are widely used in architecture and construction industries. Foamty can fulfill different demands of our clients regarding material function via special processing (such as sandwiching).
Material properties: electrically insulating, airtight, shock resistant, flame retardant, UV resistant, thermal resistant and soundproof.
Applications: exterior walls, waterproofing / fireproofing / soundproofing / light weighting work, pipeline, wire coating, screw (nut, washer), etc.

Medical Science

Foamty's foam materials are advantageous since they are:
• Antibacterial, non-toxic: they can be applied to medical equipment.
• Soft on the skin, biologically inert: they are comfortable to the wearer.
• Humidity & corrosion resistant: they can be suitable for different medical environment
• Lightweight: they providing adequate protection, convenience to the wearer.

They are currently applied to medical bed frame and mattresses, protective gears and equipment for rehabilitation therapy, etc.

Rail Transportation

Foamty's materials can be applied in public transportation systems such as train, MRT, HSR and so on. They can be utilized not only to economize the energy consumption of the transportation system, but to ensure safety.
Material properties: lightweight, cushioning, heat resistant, flame retardant, low smoke, weatherable.
Applications: airtight sealing, cavity filling, wire coating works and related interior usages


Standard products: spacer and sealing materials
Special products: electrically insulating and anti-static products
Material properties: halogen free and non volatile
Regulations: environment and toxic substances related regulatory standards in Europe and America (RoHS, REACH, PAHs, etc.)

Lighter and thinner consumer electronics is an inevitable trend in the future. Foamty is able to provide materials with the best performance amongst others of the same weight, and the lightest materials amongst others with the same performance, while constantly striving to improve, in order to satisfy our clients' current and future needs.

Ocean Freight

Material properties: lightweight, shock resistant, antibacterial, anti algae, heat / cold resistant, fire retardant, electrically insulating, waterproof, airtight and buoyant.
Applications: wire coating works of watercrafts, interior usages of cabins and coating works of underwater pipelines (for petroleum, natural gas, etc.)
Our materials meet environmental and toxic substances related regulatory standards in Europe and America (RoHs & REACH) while being entitled to required certifications. Foamty's materials can raise the value of watercrafts as it boosts average fuel economy, ensures a comfortable flight and improve aviation safety.