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  • Type:Open cell foam
  • Standard Form:Sheet / Coil
  • Thickness:1~2500 mm
  • Density:16~83 kg/m3
  • Hardness:6~80 Shore C
  • Color:Gray, Black, other colors are customizable.
  • Temperature Resistance:0℃~80℃
  • Standard Functions:Heat resistant, Weatherable, Airtight, Shock resistant, Lightweight, Sound absorbing, Flameproof
  • Customizable Functions:Anti-static, Impermeable
  • Certifications & Qualifications:UL94 V-0 & HF1 & HBF、FMVSS302, RohS 2.0, REACH

There are two types of PU materials: polyether foam and polyester foam, giving the products a varying density that ranges from 20 to 70 kg/m3, and hardness of 40-150 N. The materials are insoluble in organic solvents, and are highly elastic and resilient.