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  • Type:Close cell nitrogen foam
  • Standard Form: Block, which can be coiled through processing
  • Thickness: 15 mm ~ 30 mm
    Customized Thickness: minimum 1 mm
  • Density:35, 50kg/m3
  • Color: Dark gray
  • Expansion Ratio: 20, 30
  • Temperature Resistance: -60 ℃~ 205 ℃
  • Standard Functions: Heat, Grease, UV, Solvent and Aggressive chemical resistant, Weatherable, Insignificant thermal shrinkage, Anti-aging, Impermeable, Airtight, Shock resistant, Lightweight, High dielectric strength
  • Customized Functions: Flameproof
  • Certifications & Qualifications: FMVss302, UL-94HF1, RoHS 2.0, REACH

Zotefoams Zotek F and Zotek N foams are manufactured using fluoropolymers, engineering polymers and specialty elastomers. They are high performance products for specialized applications and do not release organic compounds.
Qualities: clean, odorless, non-toxicant, bioinert.

Zotefoams Zotek N series are made with high performance, cross linked Nylon PA6, specifically applied in the automobile industry, sports related and heat resistant applications.